"I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience I had working with David Cincotta. I had a couple of court cases that I had been putting off taking care of for quite a while; I was kind of intimidated by the stress and headache that comes along with court and I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I had been avoiding doing anything about it. When I finally decided I needed to get it handled, I contacted David and from that moment forward he was there to guide me every step of the way. He made sure that he went over all of the information with me and I always knew what the next step would be and he always answered all of my questions. He was very communicative, which I really appreciated, and helped put my mind at ease. Any time he had any kind of update, there would always be an email in my inbox from him checking in letting me know what was going on and then what the next step would be. He listened to what I wanted and made sure that he was doing everything according to my wishes. Although he had me prepared for any number of outcomes, he was able to walk away with the best possible outcome we could have hoped for! He made the process so simple, and I appreciated that he didn’t make me feel like a bother to him, I never felt rushed, and he was very attentive and down to earth. I would highly recommend!"

— Leslie R., Client


"I retained David Cincotta to handle a Failure to Appear on Assets in which I was never served, thereby a warrant was issued for my failure to appear. Long story short, David gathered all the info made some calls, sent some emails & bada bing bada boom DONE! My warrant was recalled and the asset issue was resolved without another court date. Now I can rest easy again. Thank you David!"

— Becky R., Client


"David is an excellent attorney and one of the few I can say that I would hire. He possesses an exceptional understanding of many vast areas of law, maintains a global perspective when determining strategy, keeps a keen eye for detail, and he genuinely cares about those he represents. I recommend him for any legal need without hesitation. His intelligence and broad, significant experience will serve all his clients well, be it litigation, transactional matters or criminal matters."

— Jason Seay, CIPP/US & Attorney


"Not only is Mr. Cincotta uniquely capable of solving the most complex legal problems that are presented to him, but he handles every legal problem he faces with expert precision and direction. Even when presented with the most challenging legal situations, Mr. Cincotta has the ability to evaluate the problem from every angle and addressing practical solutions. Additionally, from the second you meet Mr. Cincotta you know that your issues matter and you have a loyal advocate on your side."

— Ammon Brisolara, Attorney