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Choose an Attorney with more than 15 years of experience and a strong record of success to expunge your criminal record the right way.

You can't change the past but you can make your future better by expunging a prior felony, misdemeanor, or arrest that is negatively impacting your life.


Schedule a time to discuss your case with David A. Cincotta or complete and submit an Expungement Intake Form and David A. Cincotta will review the form and be in contact with you shortly. 

Expunging that old criminal case can: 

  • Make you a better candidate for employment

  • Improve your job promotion opportunities

  • Allow you to qualify for government/professional licensing

  • Increase your options in renting a house or apartment

  • Make you eligible for government contracts

  • Increase your chances of being admitted to educational institutions

  • Improve your reputation

What can be expunged: 

  • An Arrest that did not result in any charges being filed

  • A municipal court case

  • A misdemeanor case that was dismissed

  • A misdemeanor case that resulted in a deferred sentence

  • A misdemeanor case that resulted in a fine of less than $501

  • A misdemeanor conviction

  • A felony case that was dismissed

  • A felony case that resulted in a deferred sentence which is now complete

  • Most felony convictions years after the sentence is complete (without a pardon)

  • A pardoned felony conviction


Employers, landlords, and others use your criminal records on record with OSCN, ODCR, and OSBI when making important, life-altering decisions about you. It is extremely important to clear all eligible criminal records from your background. However, if not done correctly, an expungement can be of little or no value. At Cincotta Law Office, we do it correctly, and we keep you updated throughout the process. Contact us today to talk to an expungement attorney and find out if you qualify for expungement.

An arrest, a charge, or even a conviction can haunt you years after the alleged misconduct occurred. In many cases, expungement relief is available under Oklahoma law so that potential employers and others cannot access records that cast a bad light on a formerly accused individual. However, the specific rules governing the expungement process are complicated. Relevant factors can include the particular allegations involved, whether or not the person seeking an expungement has a conviction, whether the individual was a juvenile, how long ago the arrest or case occurred, and whether the statute of limitations has expired. We look carefully at each set of circumstances and strive to restrict others' ability to see harmful information whenever possible.

Before charging you a fee, we want to see what records of you exist, how many of those records qualify for an expungement, under what expungement law does each qualify, and the likelihood that the court will enter an order expunging some or all of the records. We will conduct this analysis of your expungement eligibility and provide you an honest assessment and a game plan for moving forward. Only then, should you wish to move forward, is any fee discussed. We will make sure you have a clear understanding of the process and expected outcomes. The last thing we want is to collect a fee and file an expungement for someone who does not qualify. You can trust the Cincotta Law Office to provide you an honest assessment.

You can find out what court records there are of you online by clicking here (OSCN) or here (ODCR).

You can obtain a copy of your OSBI criminal background report by clicking here (OSBI does assess a fee, but you are able to obtain the report online and without visiting the OSBI office). When you contact the Cincotta Law Office for your free consultation, please remember to bring your OSBI criminal background report. 

Click here to see the different qualifications for a criminal records expungement.


Expungement is a process by which a court orders one or more government agencies in possession of your records to erase, limit access, or amend the records. It can also provide you the legal authority to deny the existence of the expunged arrest or charge, which can be a huge benefit when applying for a job. Not all expungements are the same. David will help you determine which type of expungement to file, what will happen to the records after they have been expunged, and what you can legally state about such records after they have been expunged.


Oklahoma law provides for different types of expungements and expungements of different types of records. Most people seeking expungement relief are interested in expunging an arrest record and criminal court records associated with an arrest. There are also several other types of expungements: Victim Protective Order Records Expungement, Youthful Offender Records Expungement, and Juvenile Court Records Expungement. 


In an arrest records expungement, the records that are subject to expungement include the arrest records and the court records. That includes the court records maintained by the Court Clerk and included on OSCN (the Oklahoma State Court Network) or ODCR (On-Demand Court Records). It also includes the arrest records maintained by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), Police Departments, the Highway Patrol, other state and local law enforcement agencies, county jails, sheriffs departments, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (including its Offender Lookup website), and the Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board. 


The agency ordered to expunge records is required to remove references to the record and limit all public access to the file. The agency must further restrict internal access to the records via its website, other internal databases, and its file. The agency is required to have policies to prevent access to the records.    


Whether someone can obtain an expungement in Oklahoma depends on several variables. First and foremost, one must qualify under one of the Oklahoma expungement laws to be eligible to have the records expunged. Not every type of expungement produces the same result. A court records expungement will not result in the expungement of arrest records. A court records expungement will also not permit one to deny that the existence of the records in future job applications. An arrest records expungement can also be done incorrectly and not include all of the necessary agencies. If an agency is left out of the process, that agency will still have records of you and will not be required to expunge them. In such a case, you will have to either reopen your original case or file a brand new expungement case to correct that mistake. It is essential to have an Oklahoma expungement lawyer to represent you during the expungement process. You need an expungement attorney who understands the distinctions of the expungement laws and an expungement attorney who can advise you about the impact each type of expungement has on your records and your ability to lawfully deny the existence of said records in answers on employment applications and other forms in the future. 

Under one of the expungement laws, the court has the authority to expunge criminal court records and references to the case on OSCN. Under a different expungement law, the court has the power to expunge arrest records and court records; however, the arrest records may remain available for law enforcement to continue to access. Additionally, a law permits the court to order the expungement of victim protective order court records, which includes any references to the case on OSCN. Most Juvenile records and Youthful Offender records are unavailable to the public; however, there are provisions to expunge the records and seal them. Some expungements must be filed as a petition and as a new civil case while others can be filed in the criminal case in which the person is seeking to expunge.  


Cincotta Law Office helps individuals every day clear up their criminal records. We provide dedicated representation to obtain the expungement relief you are entitled to as quickly as possible. 

We offer free initial consultations at our Oklahoma City office, located near Quail Springs Mall. To discuss your situation with an experienced Expungement and  Pardon Attorney, please contact David A. Cincotta.


Christina A., Client

My experience with Mr Cincotta has been amazing! He was very thorough, kept me up to date, and on top of everything. Very refreshing! I would recommend Mr. Cincotta to anyone! Thank you!

John H, Client

Great experience with Cincotta Law office. Everything went 100% smooth!.!. David answered every email and phone call throughout my process. Thanks for helping me. 100% grateful...

James R, Client

David was wonderful very friendly and informational if you need a Lawyer that will be down to earth and worried about the out come to your case David is the one you want. If I need a lawyer again I will for sure call him.

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