Being arrested or charged with a crime is not only stressful but also terrifying. It is one of the most severe threats to your liberty and future prosperity. With so much on the line, you need a criminal defense attorney immediately. The most critical decision you will make when charged with a crime is who to hire as your criminal defense attorney. It is best if you have a criminal defense attorney whom you trust to investigate the charges and evaluate all defenses thoroughly. With experience in Oklahoma district and appellate courts, David brings a far-reaching perspective to criminal defense.

You need to hire an attorney immediately. No matter how minor an offense you believe the charge to be or how innocent you believe you are, you should not attempt to contact law enforcement or the prosecutor on your own. Let an experienced criminal defense attorney evaluate the facts of your case against the applicable laws and determine the best strategies and defenses for you. 

David is a detail-oriented, dedicated, and extremely knowledgable criminal defense attorney. David will put his comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system to work for you and put forth the best strategies and defenses for your case. With David, you will have a criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights and one with experience in all aspects of Oklahoma's criminal justice system.


David knows the value of combining in-court advocacy, written motion practice, and strong negotiation skills to his role as a criminal defense attorney. He will address your case in the courtroom and on paper. Whether he is working for an acquittal, dismissal of charges, suppression of evidence, or a fair plea agreement for his client, David’s approach as a criminal defense attorney coordinates efforts inside and outside of the courtroom.

David is committed to his role as a criminal defense attorney, which includes being a legal advisor. While he works tirelessly to identify every available defense, he is candid with his clients, and he evaluates and advises his clients on the best resolution or plan-of-action under the circumstances. Here, you will have a criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights and one with experience in all aspects of the criminal justice system.

So, if you or a loved one find yourself in a situation where you have been arrested or charged with a crime, contact David for a free consultation and meet the attorney who will work tirelessly to defend you.  David represents clients charged with DUI, drug trafficking and possession crimes, non-violent property crimes, violent crimes, domestic abuse, and misdemeanors.  

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If you have had money or property seized by law enforcement under the theory that it is contraband, that it was used in a manner that subjects it to forfeiture, or that it is proceeds derived from illegal activity, contact David immediately.  David represents clients in civil asset-forfeiture cases throughout the State. David has a tremendous amount of experience in these quasi-criminal, civil asset-forfeiture cases, and he knows what it takes to defeat the State's attempt to forfeit cash or other seized assets. 

Whether your property was seized from someone else or you adamantly deny the State's allegations regarding the source or use of your property, you must act quickly to establish a claim for the return of the property or you may lose the ability to make a claim in the future.  Rely upon David's experience in handling thousands of asset-forfeiture cases to protect your rights and assert a defense that provides you the best opportunity to receive your property back.

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Having a felony conviction makes it difficult for most people trying to turn things around and become productive members of society. Serving a prison sentence can be even more difficult. David can help if you have a prior felony conviction you want to be pardoned and expunged or if you have a loved one or friend in prison serving an excessive sentence or a sentence that you believe should already be complete. Sentences that should have already ended, those that exceed the maximum penalty provided by law or otherwise violate the constitution, and those that are unjust, and those worthy of consideration for a lesser sentence are all matters where David can help.

Additionally, David helps clients with the parole process, clients who are eligible to be removed from one of the state’s registry requirements, and clients who need or wish to clear their name (whether by pardon or expungement). The bottom line is that you stand a much better chance of obtaining favorable outcomes regarding your felony conviction with representation by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. As General Counsel for the Department of Corrections, David attained a unique understanding of the inner workings of Oklahoma’s prison system, how it calculates sentences, and how Oklahoma’s sex offender and violent offender registries work. 

Following a judgment in or a decision by the district court, one or more parties may appeal that decision to a higher court. An appeal is an entirely different environment from a trial. Just filing an appeal requires adherence to specific rules requiring timing, content, and sequence of notices. Additionally, appellate counsel must ensure the record made at the district court is transmitted correctly to the appellate court without omission. Appellate courts have strict rules to which parties must adhere. Additionally, presenting arguments to an appellate court or a panel of judges is much different from trying to persuade a jury or a district judge. 

An experienced appellate attorney can make a difference in the ultimate resolution of your case on appeal. Whether you need to file an appeal or the opposing party has filed an appeal, you can depend on David to represent you, identify all appealable issues, present appellate arguments with confidence, and write persuasive appellate briefs.

See a list of successful appeals that resulted in published opinions of which David was counsel of record here.

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