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Schedule a time to discuss your case with David A. Cincotta or complete and submit an Pardon Intake Form and David A. Cincotta will review the form and be in contact with you shortly. 

Choose an Attorney with more than 15 years of experience and a strong record of success to represent you in applying for an Oklahoma Governor's Pardon.

You can't change the past but you can make your future better by obtaining a pardon of a prior felony or misdemeanor conviction that is preventing you from possessing a firearm, voting, qualifying for a business or professional license, or qualifying for an expungement of your records.


A Pardon can: 

  • Restore your civil rights lost when convicted

  • Restore your right to possess and carry a firearm

  • Restore your right to vote

  • Make you a better candidate for employment

  • Improve your job promotion opportunities

  • Allow you to qualify for government/professional licensing

  • Make you eligible for an expungement (if you are otherwise not eligible)

  • Make you eligible for government contracts

  • Increase your chances of being admitted to educational institutions

  • Improve your reputation

Who Qualifies for a Pardon in Oklahoma?

  • Anyone who has completed the sentence imposed (including parole and/or probation)

  • Anyone who has not completed the sentence imposed but who has completed five consecutive years of parole or probation immediately prior to applying

In addition to above, the individual must:

  • have paid all fines, fees, assessments

  • have paid all restitution, if any, ordered as part of a sentence

  • NOT have any pending charges, unresolved detainers, warrants, tax liens, or child support arrearages

  • NOT have been considered for a pardon within the previous three years

How are Gun Rights Impacted by an Oklahoma Conviction:

  • Oklahoma, federal, and all other states' laws prohibit a person convicted of a felony in Oklahoma from possessing a firearm

  • Federal law prohibits individuals convicted of a felony from purchasing a firearm

  • Oklahoma and Federal law (and most, if not all states), prohibit a person convicted of a misdemeanor crime involving domestic abuse from possessing a firearm

  • Oklahoma also prohibits anyone from carrying a firearm who has a misdemeanor conviction for assault and battery (which caused serious physical injury to the victim), aggravated assault and battery, a violation relating to illegal drug use or possession under the provisions of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act

A Pardon can restore your rights to possess a firearm.



Christina A., Client

My experience with Mr Cincotta has been amazing! He was very thorough, kept me up to date, and on top of everything. Very refreshing! I would recommend Mr. Cincotta to anyone! Thank you!

John H, Client

Great experience with Cincotta Law office. Everything went 100% smooth!.!. David answered every email and phone call throughout my process. Thanks for helping me. 100% grateful...

James R, Client

David was wonderful very friendly and informational if you need a Lawyer that will be down to earth and worried about the out come to your case David is the one you want. If I need a lawyer again I will for sure call him.

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