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Being arrested or charged with a crime is not only stressful but also terrifying. It is one of the most severe threats to your liberty and future prosperity. With so much on the line, you need an attorney immediately. The most critical decision you will make when charged with a crime is who to hire as your criminal defense attorney. It is best if you have a criminal defense attorney whom you trust to investigate the charges and evaluate all defenses thoroughly. With experience in Oklahoma district and appellate courts, David brings a far-reaching perspective to criminal defense.

David knows the value of combining in-court advocacy, written motion practice, and strong negotiation skills. He will make your case in the courtroom and on paper. Whether he is working for an acquittal, dismissal of charges, suppression of evidence, or reversal of a lower court’s decision, David’s approach coordinates efforts inside and outside of the courtroom.

David is also committed to his role as a legal advisor. While he works tirelessly to identify every available defense, he is also candid with his clients, and he evaluates and advises whether a diversion or plea agreement may provide the best resolution under the circumstances. Contact David to schedule a free consultation.