David A. Cincotta is an attorney in Oklahoma City. His top priority in every case is to provide his clients with personal and dedicated representation - the type of representation that one expects to receive when placing one's trust in an attorney. He produces results, but he also ensures that his clients understand any risks that exist. David is honest and direct with his clients and tells his clients what they need to hear without worrying about whether they want to hear it.


He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City University School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Oklahoma, and he is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Western, Eastern, and Northern Districts of Oklahoma and the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. David has served an Assistant District Attorney and General Counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Because of his experience as an Assistant District Attorney, General Counsel for the Department of Corrections, and criminal defense attorney, David has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system.

David is dedicated to his clients and keeps them regularly updated.  He understands all aspects of the law and welcomes the opportunity to help you.​ He is committed to his clients, provides vigorous representation, and is an advocate you want on your side.

With Cincotta Law Office, you will receive top-quality representation by a dedicated, detail-oriented, and very knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. With David A. Cincotta, you will have a criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights and one with experience in all aspects of Oklahoma's criminal justice system. Whether you are facing a felony charge or a misdemeanor charge, contact David for a free consultation. 

DUI/DWI                   Drug Crimes

Asset Forfeiture  

Firearms Violations

Violent Crimes

Employers, landlords, and others use your criminal records when making important, life-altering decisions about you. It is extremely important to clear all eligible criminal records from your background. However, if not done correctly, an expungement can be of little to no value. Rely on David's vast experience in expungements to ensure you get the relief to which you are entitled. David does it correctly and keeps you updated throughout the process. Contact David to find out if you qualify for expungement.

Whether you need a will, trust, someone to make your healthcare and financial decisions when you are unable, or you want to have in place a documented plan for someone to care for your children should something happen to you, contact the Cincotta Law Office. Do not fear the difficult aspects of making such plans. David A. Cincotta will make it very simple and help relieve any anxiety you may have.  David will explain the options available to you and tailor your estate plan to your specific requests, needs, and circumstances. 


"I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience I had working with David Cincotta. I had a couple of court cases that I had been putting off taking care of for quite a while; I was kind of intimidated by the stress and headache that comes along with court and I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I had been avoiding doing anything about it. When I finally decided I needed to get it handled, I contacted David and from that moment forward he was there to guide me every step of the way. He made sure that he went over all of the information with me and I always knew what the next step would be and he always answered all of my questions. He was very communicative, which I really appreciated, and helped put my mind at ease. Any time he had any kind of update, there would always be an email in my inbox from him checking in letting me know what was going on and then what the next step would be. He listened to what I wanted and made sure that he was doing everything according to my wishes. Although he had me prepared for any number of outcomes, he was able to walk away with the best possible outcome we could have hoped for! He made the process so simple, and I appreciated that he didn’t make me feel like a bother to him, I never felt rushed, and he was very attentive and down to earth. I would highly recommend!"

— Leslie R., Client

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Situated in northwest OKC, the Cincotta Law Office office is conveniently located west of Quail Springs Mall, near Memorial Road and May Avenue, and just north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike. 


Call, email, or complete the form below to schedule your free consultation or case review with a law office dedicated to providing the highest quality representation in criminal defense, expungements, and estate planning services. There is no obligation.  If you have any concerns with an in-person meeting during these times of social distancing brought on by COVID-19, You may request your consultation or case review to be via video conferencing or over the phone.  


David will gladly answer every question that you have over the phone, or even in person if you prefer, for free. He will explain all of your options, give you his honest opinion about your case or circumstances, and he will even quote a fee to you right over the phone. David believes that an informed client is the best client. 

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