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David is an Oklahoma City attorney, a native Oklahoman, and a graduate of Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City University School of Law. In 2007, he became licensed to practice law in Oklahoma. David started his career as an attorney in the office of the Oklahoma County District Attorney. He worked as an Assistant District Attorney until 2014 when he became General Counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. In 2019, David left government service for private practice.  

David represents individuals and businesses and has experience in many areas of the law. He advises on estate planning matters and prepares wills, trusts, advance directives for health care, powers of attorney, and a variety of other estate planning documents for clients. He also represents clients needing representation regarding criminal cases, expungements, and post-conviction relief (including pardons and commutations). David is also an experienced attorney in civil litigation and business law.  Learn more

An estate plan can include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance medical directives (living wills), as well as other potentially necessary legal documents. David will tailor your estate plan to your specific requests, needs, and circumstances.  LEARN MORE

David's experience in expungements allows him to routinely help clients who have criminal records that are making it difficult to obtain a job or promotion or rent a place to live. He also assists those wanting to clear their name for the sake of their reputation or remove a previous poor decision from your public records.  LEARN MORE

David's experience in Oklahoma district and appellate courts and as an Assistant DA and General Counsel for DOC, David brings a far-reaching perspective to criminal cases. David coordinates efforts inside and outside of the courtroom. LEARN MORE

David is an experienced appellate attorney in Oklahoma. Whether you need to file an appeal or the opposing party has filed an appeal, you can depend on David to represent you, identify all appealable issues, present appellate arguments with confidence, and write persuasive appellate briefs. LEARN MORE

David assists clients who were wrongfully convicted, received a sentence that violates the law, have a sentence being calculated incorrectly, or want to request a commutation of a sentence or pardon. LEARN MORE 

David assists individuals, families, and businesses to face the challenges before them and seek favorable resolutions in-and-out of court. He strategically presents your case in negotiations and courtroom proceedings and addresses any questions or concerns you may have. LEARN MORE

You may need an experienced business law attorney if you applying for a license or permit for your business or need to establish a business with the proper liability protection. David has experience in business and administrative law matters. LEARN MORE 

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