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Having a felony conviction makes it difficult for most people trying to turn things around and become productive members of society. Serving a prison sentence can be even more difficult. David can help if you have a prior felony conviction you want to be pardoned and expunged or if you have a loved one or friend in prison serving an excessive sentence or a sentence that you believe should already be complete. Sentences that should have already ended, those that exceed the maximum penalty provided by law or otherwise violate the constitution, and those that are unjust, and those worthy of consideration for a lesser sentence are all matters where David can help.

Additionally, David helps clients with the parole process, clients who are eligible to be removed from one of the state’s registry requirements, and clients who need or wish to clear their name (whether by pardon or expungement). The bottom line is that you stand a much better chance of obtaining favorable outcomes regarding your felony conviction with representation by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. As General Counsel for the Department of Corrections, David attained a unique understanding of the inner workings of Oklahoma’s prison system, how it calculates sentences, and how Oklahoma’s sex offender and violent offender registries work. Contact David to schedule a free consultation.