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When a legal dispute disrupts your business or personal life, an experienced and caring attorney providing you guidance and representation can make a significant difference in the outcomes that are available to you. Throughout Oklahoma, David assists individuals, families, and businesses to face the challenges before them and seek favorable resolutions. He strategically presents your case in negotiations and courtroom proceedings and addresses any questions or concerns you may have. David assists clients in overcoming a wide range of legal challenges.


Typical forms of civil law matters David handles include those related to:

  • Business litigation

  • Breach of contracts

  • Civil rights

  • Construction litigation

  • Consumer litigation

  • Insurance claims

  • Property damage

  • Personal injury claims

  • Privacy rights

  • Real estate and real property claims

  • Torts


Most civil disputes settle out of court, either through dismissal or by both parties agreeing to a resolution for fair monetary compensation or other forms of legal remedy. But when settlement is not feasible, you can depend on David's strong advocacy to represent you and present your case with confidence. David will represent your interests through every stage of your case. Contact David to schedule a free consultation.