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Following a judgment in or a decision by the district court, one or more parties may appeal that decision to a higher court. An appeal is an entirely different environment from a trial. Just filing an appeal requires adherence to specific rules requiring timing, content, and sequence of notices. Additionally, appellate counsel must ensure the record made at the district court is transmitted correctly to the appellate court without omission. Appellate courts have strict rules to which parties must adhere. Additionally, presenting arguments to an appellate court or a panel of judges is much different from trying to persuade a jury or a district judge. 

An experienced appellate attorney can make a difference in the ultimate resolution of your case on appeal. Whether you need to file an appeal or the opposing party has filed an appeal, you can depend on David to represent you, identify all appealable issues, present appellate arguments with confidence, and write persuasive appellate briefs. Contact David to schedule a free consultation.